Trough 473.1932

Length 48 cm , Width 26.5 cm, Depth 14.4 cm 

K  illygordon, Co.  Tyrone , 1:5000, Historic 6" Map 1842  .  © Ordnance Survey Ireland, 2017

Killygordon, Co. Tyrone, 1:5000, Historic 6" Map 1842. © Ordnance Survey Ireland, 2017

Infrared image highlighting possible scorch mark (upper right) on interior surface of 473.1932 © National Museums NI

Find Location

The wooden vessel is from the collection of the Ulster Museum, and was found in Killygordon townland, County Tyrone. While the townland of Killygordon appears somewhat featureless on the ordnance survey map from 1842, we can see the remains of four forts on the map in the nearby townlands to the south- two each in Rahoran and Mullaghsillogagh. 

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Technical Analysis

The infra-red image of trough 473.1932 on the left highlights a scorch mark on the interior base of the vessel that are not otherwise clearly visible. The scorch mark may be evidence of hot stone cooking, in which stones are heated in a nearby fire, and added to raise the temperature of liquid inside the vessel. Ongoing technical analysis aims to identify the species of wood used to make the trough, and to understand when the object was made and used.

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