Shoe 229.1955

Length 24.8 cm, Width 11.4 cm,  Depth 4.5 cm

Infra-red spectroscopy spectra showing comparison between leather reference sample (red) and leather sample from shoe 229.1955 (blue)

Find Location

This shoe, from the collection of the Ulster Museum, was found in a bog in the townland of Coolderry South, County Derry. The Irish name for Coolderry is Cúl doire, which may translate as 'back oak-wood'

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Technical Analysis

A small sample collected from shoe 229.1955 was analysed using Fourier Transform Infra-red (FTIR) Spectroscopy to better understand how the leather has been preserved. In this technique, a harmless infra-red laser is shone on the sample. The sample absorbs some of the infra-red energy producing a characteristic line graph (or spectrum) that can tell us something about its chemical makeup. The image on the left shows a comparison between a reference spectrum for cows leather (red), and the leather from shoe 229.1955. While there are some similarities between the two spectra, there are also some clear differences. Further analysis of the data will be required to understand what makes the leather from this shoe different to the reference sample.


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