Shoe 228.1955

Length 16 cm,  Width 7, Depth 2 cm 

Elemental analysis of leather sample from shoe 228.1955. Click on this image to expand the view.

Find Location

This small leather shoe, from the collection of the Ulster Museum, was found in a bog in the townland of Coolderry South, County Derry. The Irish name for Coolderry is Cúl doire, which may translate as 'back oak-wood'

References in the Literature

Shoe 228.1955 is quite small, and may have belonged to a child at one time. No published record for this object has been found to date. If you can tell us more about this object or its discovery, or know of a publication in which the object is referenced, please get in touch by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Technical Analysis

A small sample of leather collected from shoe 228.1955 was examined using a scanning electron microscope with a special attachment designed to identify the elements present in the sample. The image on the left shows a series of elemental 'maps' which correspond to the small black and white image in the top left corner. We can see from the maps that there is an overall distribution of carbon (C), oxygen (O), sodium (Na), silicon (Si), and sulphur (S) in this section of the sample. As the sample was collected from the sole of the shoe, the silicon may relate to fine fragments of stones such as quartz embedded in the leather. The absence of chromium in the sample indicates that the leather was more likely either untanned (rawhide) or tanned using vegetable tanning methods more commonly employed prior to the industrial revolution.  


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