Shoe 1904.3

length 20 cm, Width 7.4 cm, Depth 5.2 cm

20th century 'pampootie' footwear from the collection of the Museum of Country Life, National Museum of Ireland. 1937.47 a/b © National Museum of Ireland

Find Location

This leather 'pampootie' style shoe, from the archaeological collection of the National Museum of Ireland, was found in a bog near Garvagh, County Derry. The Irish name for Garvagh is Garbhachadh, which translates as ‘rough field’.

References in the Literature

The image on the left shows a pair of 'pampootie' shoes from the collection of the Museum of Country Life, Co. Mayo. Although the style of the shoes bears some resemblance to shoe 1904.3, shoes like those in the image were made and used on some of the small islands off the west coast of Ireland until the mid-twentieth century. No published record for shoe 1904.3 has been found to date. If you can tell us more about this object or its discovery, or know of a publication in which the object is referenced, please get in touch by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Technical Analysis

A small sample of leather was collected from shoe 1904.3 for radio carbon dating. Part of the sample was examined under a scanning electron microscope, with a special attachment to determine the elemental makeup of the leather. This has enabled us to learn more about how the leather was manufactured. The results of these analyses will be published on the web-site as the research progresses. 


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