Losset 1887.1

Length 91.5 cm, Width 52.5, Depth 8.7

Scanning Electron Microscope image showing wood microstructure of sample from losset 1887.1

Find location

This losset from the collection of the National Museum of Ireland, was found in a bog  near Knockninny, about 10 miles south of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. The Irish name for Knockninny, Cnoc Ninnidh has been translated to mean "(Saint) Ninnidh's hill". Ninnidh was a 6th-century Irish Christian saint associated with the parish of Knockninny on the shores of Lough Erne, and with the nearby island of Inishmacsaint.

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Technical Analysis

The scanning electron microscopy image on the left was produced from a small sample of wood collected from losset 1887.1. The eyelash like feature, just visible in the lower left hand corner of the image, is known as a sclariform perforation plate. This feature, in combination with other micro features visible in the sample, indicates that the losset is likely made from birch wood. Some of the small sample used to identify the wood species will be submitted for radiocarbon dating in summer 2018.   



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